I’m Jenn (not Jenny, and yes Jen with two n’s, just to be a little bit ‘different’). I’m 30-something, married to my best mate, I am a Musician, Lecturer, Tutor and general Oddball. I like to make and create ‘stuff’. I’m also militantly organised. Put all this together and you have a (I like to think) loveably neurotic Creative.

I started this blog with excitement but also trepidation. It’s been a long time since I’ve published any of my writing and my early experiences of blogging weren’t entirely positive. I was always criticised for my ‘wordiness’. In fact, I still hear that critical voice telling me that I “talk too much”. But I was encouraged by a valued friend, and creative, to do this, believing that I have something useful and interesting to share with the world.

13529229_10154417239939236_161726138180782345_nThis blog was initially designed to be a ‘How To’ go-to spot. I wanted to try and show how simple it can be to make the ordinary extraordinary, how to find beauty in the mundane, how to discover joy in small, quiet and humble things and how to bring joy to others lives with your own, unique, personal touch. It then became a place for me (perhaps selfishly) to express myself and write about the various spectrums of Creativity. Very quickly though it has developed into a blog that talks about anything I feel it worth talking about, but talking about things frankly and (I hope) humbly.

This is for those lacking inspiration, or confidence. For those who perhaps struggle to express the inexpressible and end up feeling unable to give or say anything at all for fear of not doing their feelings justice. For those, like me, who have a bizarre obsession with detail, creating a particular vibe and just wanting things to be perfectly beautiful. For the straightforward, down to earth folk and the quirky, misunderstood souls… This is for you.



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