Liverpool 2016

Today is our third wedding anniversary. The year of leather, because by now we are tougher, stronger and hard wearing. And we certainly are, but all thanks to my husband.

I’ve been thinking about sharing this for a few days, whether I ought to and what it is I really want to say. I hope it doesn’t come off braggy, soppy and irritating, but I’d like people to know a few things about
my husband, James…

I think anyone who meets James immediately sees that he’s warm, intelligent and strong. Then people who know him well might go beyond that to say he’s loyal, thoughtful and generous.
But I don’t think anyone, besides our family and myself, gets to know or see the man he really is. No one will ever really know what James has sacrificed for me. How beyond the realms of normal human patience he has for me. You don’t see the times he challenges me to process situations more rationally, shows me how to see the best in people, but also fiercely protects me. He’s the first to stand up for me. He never, ever doubts my best parts and my abilities. He’s taught me how to be a responsible adult (which, if you ask my parents, has not been the easiest of tasks!) and enabled me/us to do things like travel the world, be generous to others and practically take care of myself.
You’ll never really know what he’s stood by me through and no one will ever see the depths of way he has loved me. It’s a blessing that only I get to share.
I also get to see the comedian far more than anyone else and he is bloody hilarious. James guards himself much better than I do. He doesn’t engage with the silliness of social media and isn’t bothered about showing off to the world, which I respect but also envy.
He’s by no means perfect (sorry love) and I know he learns as much from me as I do him, but I felt I had to tell the hundred odd people who follow our lives that, with respect, you don’t really know this guy and what he does for me.
So I guess I’m trying to say thank you God for James. And thank you James for letting stupid, irrational, wonky little me be the one to experience all you are and for your unwavering commitment to me, being a superhuman and making me a better woman.


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